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SolarTone Dye - Sapphire

SolarTone Dye - Sapphire

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Experience the mesmerizing magic of SolarTone, a revolutionary dye designed specifically for epoxy resin art. Elevate your creations with a captivating play of colours that transitions from a delicate, light milky tone indoors to a vibrant burst of colour when exposed to direct sunlight or UV light. With 12 stunning shades to choose from, SolarTone opens up a world of endless possibilities for your artistic endeavours.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Color Change: SolarTone's unique formulation allows it to transform remarkably when subjected to sunlight or UV light. Watch in awe as your resin art masterpiece evolves, revealing a vibrant burst of colour and then transitions back seamlessly when no longer exposed.

  2. Twelve Enchanting Shades: Express your creativity with a diverse range of 12 captivating shades. 

  3. Versatile Application: SolarTone seamlessly integrates into various resin art techniques. Whether pouring, swirling, or creating intricate designs, this dye effortlessly blends with your resin medium, delivering consistent and remarkable colour-changing effects every time.

  4. High-Quality Performance: Crafted with precision and expertise, SolarTone's formulation ensures optimal lightfastness and stability.

  5. Easy to Use: Simply add a few drops of SolarTone to your epoxy resin mixture and mix thoroughly. Experience the thrill of anticipation as your creation evolves from its initial milky appearance to a stunning explosion of colours under sunlight or UV light.

  6. Secure Packaging: Each bottle has a sealed tip to ensure no leakage during transit that is easy to cut open when you're ready to start using it. 

Important Details:

Each bottle contains 10mls of dye. 

Remember to shake before using.

The intensity of the colour depends on how much dye is added. For lighter tones, use less dye.

Do not add too much dye. Like with any pigment, if you add too much to your resin it will compromise the resin formula and cause your resin to not sure properly. 

This dye is not suitable for UV resin.

You can test the intensity of your mixture with a UV light before pouring it into your mould and adding a few more drops till you reach the desired effect. 

Due to screen resolutions, the actual colour may differ from product photos.

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