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ShimmerShift Dye - Athena

ShimmerShift Dye - Athena

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Transform your resin creations with Shimmershift Dye! Watch as the base colour shifts, revealing different hues depending on the light angle. Say goodbye to boring monotone pieces and hello to eye-catching, ever-changing masterpieces!

Athena ShimmerShift has a yellow base with an orange-red/blue shift. 

Important Details:

Each bottle contains 10mls of dye. 

Remember to shake before using.

The intensity of the colour depends on how much dye is added and if it is combined with other pigments. 

Do not add too much dye. Like with any pigment, if you add too much to your resin it will compromise the resin formula and cause your resin to not sure properly. 

This is a heavy dye that is prone to sinking. If you prefer a more even distribution, allow your resin to thicken slightly before mixing in the dye. 

Due to screen resolutions, the actual colour may differ from product photos.

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