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Interference Mica - Violet

Interference Mica - Violet

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Interference Mica also known as ghost mica powder creates an interesting color shift haze in resin. Used on its own in clear resin, it has a pearly color that shimmers which ever colour is used when it hits the light. Used with other colours, the color is intensified. 

In the example photos the lighter photo is just clear resin with our interference violet mica powder swirled in. The second photo is the same thing but with a hint of black swirled in as well. 

Ideal for coloring epoxy resins, with a particle size of 10 to 60 microns. The recommended concentration in most coating formulations is 3-6% by weight with pearlescent effect over a base color being achieved at 1-2%.

Packed in 10g jars at 3g nett weight.

Because different colors weigh differently, some containers may appear fuller than others.

Due to screen resolutions, the actual color may differ to product photos.

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