The Basics for Using Holographic Moulds

Holographic moulds take resin art to exciting new possibilities. Seeing the rainbow reflections glisten across your piece as you demould it has always been a highlight for me. There are some basics for using these moulds, and a few no no's to avoid.

The holographic pattern is visible regardless of what colour resin you use, whether you tint, dye or leave your resin plain. Naturally, you'll get the best effect with the most visible colour gradient using a darker resin that makes the colours pop.

The holographic effect is created by using light refraction. LED lighting shows better than normal lighting that may not refract light well. The effect is visible at different angles depending on the angle of the light source so essentially, high-quality light will show the effect better and it will change as the item moves.

It's of vital importance to not dome or coat your resin piece over the holographic portion. The effect only works when light can refract in the minuscule holographic grooves. When you add a coat over the resin, you're essentially filling in those grooves and destroying the holographic effect leaving your resin piece with only the top coat you put over it.

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