Clean-up Tips and Tricks

The worst part of any resin project, or any art project, for me, is the aftermath. The sticky residue and spills are the dreary part that I enjoy the least. 


Cleaning up doesn't always have to be time-consuming though, and we have some tips for simplifying the process.


Warm water and mild soap - the good old fashion cleaning remedy for most messes. Use a soft sponge with soap and warm water to gently clean your tools and equipment. Remember though that none of the water should go down your pipes, otherwise you'll have a bigger mess on your hands. 


Isopropyl alcohol - The alcohol breaks down the resin quickly and can be used in a spray bottle for convenience. A few quick sprays and then a wipe-down with a piece of kitchen towel will have your tools looking new in no time. 

Did you know we sell isopropyl alcohol, find it here!


Tape - If your resin has already dried and the pieces of resin are too small to peel off, you can use a piece of packing tape to stick to the resin and lift it off the surface. 

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